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So I haven't written in this in a LONG time. Sorry, I have been busy with school, hockey, and work. Things have been hectic but then again when haven't they. People keep telling me what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Everytime someone says that to me the same thing keeps running through my head, what exactly is death in this situation? What doesn't kill me.. something would kill me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I finally learned that I hate that saying more then life. 

This past weekend was my teams first hockey games versus Rochester Institute of Technology and of course they were in Rochester, New York which means we took the 8 hour trip. We left Friday, at 4 o'clock and our games were on Saturday and Sunday. Coming out of this weekend we learned we are conditioned but also that we need a lot more work then anyone had anticipated. Which sucks because this Friday we are playing St. Anselm's in our first home game and Saturday we are playing New England College also home. So this weekend is going to be a wake up call. 

So something I noticed today when I was playing Sudoku in History today, the same thing I do everyday in that class, is that this semester is almost over. My finals are in one month and counting. How crazy is that? Time is going by so fast, sometimes I just wish it would slow down so I can enjoy it!



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